Today has seen a new fundraising installation being erected by Hope House staff – a stunning Butterfly Garden which is now on display at the British Ironworks Centre in Oswestry. The hand-painted metal butterflies were designed with the help of staff, parents, and children, all inputting over the appropriate colours and shapes to be used. The butterfly symbol was chosen as it’s known across the world as a symbol of life, change, endurance, and especially HOPE.

Pictured (From Left to Right): Rachel Lewis, Louise Bowen, both from Hope House, and Sarah McManus from the Ironworks

This latest Hope House initiative has been designed to further support the services provided by the local charity – a charity that hasn’t faltered throughout the pandemic and through lockdown, maintaining its support of children and families across the region. Each butterfly is entirely unique in the sense that they have been hand-painted and are part of a limited edition run of only 500. Each butterfly comes on a 16” solid stainless stem, for easy installing within any garden or patio planter and are also perfect for placement inside the home or to purchase in readiness as an early Christmas gift.

The display will be here to view at the Ironworks throughout September, offering supporters and the general public the opportunity to see them in the flesh. Those that want to secure one of these unique creations can go direct to the Hope House website, with charity organisers asking for donations of £20.00 and over, if at all possible. This campaign will form a part of our Hospice Support Programme, whereby we aim to help hospices all over the UK to raise an additional £1million in funding for their causes.

Pictured: Louise Bowen from Hope House within the Butterfly Garden

A spokesperson for the Ironworks, Sarah McManus, has said: “Hope House originally contacted us over creating something special way back in 2019. This project has had an enormous amount of care, thought, and love invested into fine-tuning the product and the offer, and we are delighted that Hope House can now benefit from all their hard work and see the much-needed funds start being collected. These butterflies will bring joy and colour to many families and supporters purchasing them – they are truly beautiful!”

Find out more about the butterflies and purchase one for yourself on the Hope House website here: