A new shop is set to open in Shrewsbury to give designer clothing a second chance – or maybe a third, fourth and fifth!

The shop called Déjà Vu will be opened by Debbie Carvell on the corner of Butcher Row where Carvèll Lingerie and Swimwear is currently situated.

Debbie, who owns both Carvèll on the square clothing store and Carvèll Lingerie and Swimwear, has decided to move the lingerie and swimwear shop to the Carvèll on the square store so everything is under one roof.

The existing store on the corner of Butcher Row will re-open in January as Déjà Vu where designer clothing will be given a second chance and be sold on behalf of shoppers.

Debbie said: “We always had plans to move Carvèll Lingerie and Swimwear to the square as it makes so much sense.

“We have a beautiful range of clothes at Carvèll on the square and often people want the underwear to try on there with the outfit rather than having to go to another store at a later date.

“The lingerie worn under an outfit is so important and our amazing experienced team will continue to offer the vital fitting service we have always offered.

“We have decided to do this move a little sooner than planned to create a mini department store on the square – lingerie, swimwear, clothing, shoes, accessories, jewellery – everything under one roof for the perfect shopping experience.

“However we know many of our clients have dozens of designer items which may not fit them any more, are no longer their style or colour and are left in the wardrobe season after season.

“Déjà Vu will be the new home for them – they will be able to bring them into the store on Butcher Row and have them valued and then we will sell them on their behalf and let them know when they have been sold for them to come and collect their money.

“Sustainability is so important in all industries but especially fashion. It is no longer frowned upon to wear a dress to more than one event and people certainly want to see clothing recycled in any way rather than ending up in landfill.

“This is another exciting development in the Carvèll story and we are very much looking forward to opening Déjà Vu very soon and seeing hundreds of designer items find new homes.

“The new year is a great time for people to sort out their wardrobes and it gives a wonderful feel good factor knowing the designer clothes will be worn again.”

Debbie said the stock from Carvèll Lingerie and Swimwear has been moved over to the square store during the festive period and they will be hosting a launch event for Déjà Vu towards the end of January for people to bring in their designer clothing for viewing and valuation.

Carvèll on the Square was formerly Carol Grant and Carvèll Lingerie and Swimwear was formerly Mystique until they both underwent a rebrand earlier this year.

Debbie added: “I am really enjoying being a part of the high street retail industry here in Shrewsbury and Déjà Vu is another important addition to the Carvèll family of fashion.”

You can find more information about the two stores by visiting https://carvellonthesquare.co.uk and https://carvell-lingerie.co.uk

Pictured: Debbie Carvell moves the stock from Carvèll Lingerie and Swimwear to Carvèll on the square ahead of the opening of Déjà Vu.