A Shropshire photographer has launched a new website in a bid to click with members of the public.
Paul Wilkinson, who runs Twig’s Branch Photography, commissioned the overhaul to make it easier for clients to learn more about the company’s unique vintage-style imagery.
The revamped site features a clean, uncluttered design, improved functionality and offers quick and easy access to essential information.
The redesign also includes a fully responsive format, meaning people can view the website wherever they are on a computer, tablet or mobile device.
Mr Wilkinson, who manages Twig’s Branch Photography with his wife, Suzi said: “Since we launched our business a few years ago there have been so many advances in technology and the way people view websites has changed with more and more people using mobile devices. Although we specialise in vintage photography, we certainly didn’t want our website to be stuck in the past. We hope members of the public enjoy using our new, modern site.”
The new website is now live and can be viewed at www.twigsbranchphotography.com
Pictured: Paul Wilkinson demonstrates the new and improved Twig’s Branch Photography website.