Current research shows that the average length of time someone stays in a job is four and ah half years and staff loyalty is a thing of the past.   Not so at Oswestry care agency Allenby Douglas, and to mark Professional Care Workers Day on September 4th they recognised the long service of their staff with a presentation of certificates, flowers and a generous bonus in their monthly wages to staff with five, ten and 15 years’ service.

The quartet of staff (pictured) have nearly 60 years of service between them, and the five staff (pictured)  all have at least five years’ service. Two further staff have yet to receive their awards.

Andrew Harris, CEO & Registered Manager said: “Over 50% of our staff have been with the company at least three years. We were keen to applaud these staff together with all team members who are there day in and day out, in all weathers, Christmas and weekends.   We wanted to celebrate our fantastic care workers who go above and beyond to deliver quality care and support to the most vulnerable in the Oswestry area.  Delivering care is a skilled and unique profession that deserves recognition, respect and celebration.  The skills and expertise that our care workers deliver every day make a significant difference to the lives of the people they help and support.  This is not always fully appreciated or understood until people experience the care first – hand.  Social care is about helping people live better lives and the best care starts with the best people”.