With bee populations in steep decline, staff at a law firm in Shropshire are doing their bit to help create a better environment to allow them to flourish.

Lanyon Bowdler, which has offices across Shropshire and North Wales, has given every member of staff a “bee bomb”, and is holding online talks about why bees need protection.

Debbie Brooks, HR manager at Lanyon Bowdler, said the activity was part of an ongoing project to keep staff connected to nature – and each other.

She said: “During the pandemic we have made a concerted effort to engage staff in activities they could do together, things like online cocktail making classes at Christmas, to give them some light relief and to help them stay in touch.

“Everyone has been working so hard, often on their own at home, so it’s vital to keep that connection with colleagues going – even if it has to be over a video call.

“We have also been keen to encourage staff to take breaks and spend time outdoors, which is a great way to relax and improve wellbeing.

“The aim of the bee bombs is twofold – hopefully providing an enjoyable activity for staff to plant them, perhaps with their children’s help, and also helping to prevent bees from dying out.”

John Adams, of Shropshire Beekeepers Association, who is providing the online talks about the honey bee, said he was delighted with Lanyon Bowdler’s support.

“The plight of the honey bee, and indeed all species of bee, is becoming increasingly serious and it’s vital that we take action before it’s too late,” he said.

“One of the best ways people can help is by creating more habitats for bees, and planting these wildflower mixtures, known as bee bombs, is a fantastic way of doing that.

“I will be talking to staff to give them some background to the honey bee and discussing the importance of planting flowers for them to pollinate, as well as outlining the role of beehives and beekeepers.

“We are very grateful for Lanyon Bowdler’s support and hope people find the talks interesting.”

As part of the project, Lanyon Bowdler is donating funds to the Shropshire Beekeepers’ Association to help volunteers continue their work to conserve the honey bee.