Alevere is a non-invasive medically supervised programme, offered by Sterling Clinics, that has helped thousands of people to predictably and quickly achieve their weight loss goals. Whether you have two stone or 12 stone to lose, it can help you reach your goal. Using a combination of a revolutionary diet and the latest medical technology to correct any amount of excessive weight, reshape the body and tighten the skin without the need for surgery.

Tests are performed before you start the programme to establish your metabolic rate and body composition of fat, muscle and water, and in conjunction with a comprehensive set of blood tests, the doctor is able to accurately predict what you weight loss should be, how long it will take and ensure that you are getting the correct amount of nutrients whilst on the programme.

Once on the programme, you will then see the doctor monthly and be monitored with blood tests at approximately monthly intervals. Weight is lost and a great body shape is achieved in two ways on the Alevere programme: the first is through a diet that causes rapid weight loss and the second is through weekly ultrasound and LPG Endermologie skin tightening treatments which provide body contouring so you will not be left with loose skin or lumps and bumps caused by stubborn areas of fat, and it makes your skin contract as you lose weight by tightening and firming it all over, using technology that stimulates it to make collagen and elastic fibres. This results in optimisation of the body shape and improvement of skin tightness and elasticity so that cosmetic results of the weight loss are dramatically improved.

You will not feel hungry, weak or tired while on Alevere Therapy. You will be able to function as you normally do and have the energy to exercise. You will attend the clinic on a weekly basis for monitoring, the treatments of ultrasound and skin tightening and to get your Alevere foods for the coming week. And once you have reached your target weight, you will be equipped with the knowledge to maintain it — but support doesn’t stop there as clients can come back for free of charge regular reviews.

There are four keys in the Alevere Therapy that will unlock the new you:

Alevere Nutritional Therapy is a precisely designed eating plan consisting of high protein meals, in an easy to follow nutrition plan, uniquely formulated to produce rapid weight loss. There are 37 different foods to choose from in a range of sweet or savoury flavours and in addition to this you will also eat a wide range of fruit and vegetables, many of which can be eaten in unlimited quantities. This enables you to create varied and tasty, satisfying meals as well as just having a shake or a snack that you can carry with you if you are on the go, thereby ensuring that Alevere will fit into your lifestyle.

Alevere Ultrasound Therapy treatments are given weekly which break down fat stores under the skin, using the latest medically certified technology. Ultrasound frequencies are specifically tuned for the treatment of subcutaneous fat cells which are broken down and then used by the body as energy. This is a really important treatment because dieting alone often won’t shift these thick stores of fat and this helps ensure you lose inches where you want to lose them as well as lose weight overall. In fact, many clients report that they lose inches faster than they would have expected and reach lower clothes sizes than expected for any given weight loss.

Alevere Skin & Connective Tissue Therapy is carried out weekly using specialised equipment designed to firm and tighten the skin – this is a LPG Endermologie Lipomassage treatment. Contouring is an important element of this therapy which is often ignored as a consequence of losing weight because once it has been stretched by weight gain, skin does not automatically shrink back and exercise cannot address this because there are no muscles in the skin. The skin is vigorously but painlessly stimulated with precise and specific techniques that encourage the fibroblast cells in the skin to boost collagen and elastin, which are essential for skin firmness. This treatment also smooths out bumpy and uneven skin and improves your lymphatic drainage, so that the fat broken down by the ultrasound is more easily removed by your body.

Arguably the most important phase of Alevere Therapy is the ongoing stabilisation and maintenance. On reaching your target, the clinic will stabilise your weight at its new level and, with the assistance of accurate measurements of your body’s metabolism using specialised medical equipment, will tell you what and how much to eat, thereby giving you the control to maintain your new weight.

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