The Shropshire Ice Cream Company are having an exciting year. Their new vegan range of ice cream has had a far from icy reception. At the 2019 Great Taste Awards, out of 12,772 products sent in from over 100 different countries and only around half of entries obtaining stars, The Shropshire Ice Cream Company received awards for both its Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream and Vegan Salted Caramel Ice Cream in the ‘dairy-free, ready to serve’ category. This means judges dubbed it as a food that delivers fantastic flavour.

The local ice cream connoisseurs served up ice cream in a virtual reality session at Shropshire BizFest and have attended local food events across the region, whilst expanding their range and offering.

Following further investment in machinery and equipment, the artisan food producer is now in a position to expand the number of restaurants, ice cream parlours, farm shops and delis that it supplies to in the county. Owner, Pat Parkes, explains why ice cream is always in season:

“Ice creams and sorbets have become a year-round staple, whether it is for a night-in treat on the sofa or as a perfect dessert at a dinner party or on a restaurant menu. It is adored by all no matter what age, weather or occasion!

“Our aim is to source ingredients as responsibly as possible, whether that is local, in season fruit, or products from further afield that use ethical practices. We are very proud of the ice cream we make. We use quality ingredients and traditional methods to produce our ice creams, which results in a creamier more luxurious taste, with less air than that found in cheaper alternatives.

“We would love to see our ice cream stocked in more places, who’s priority is to buy products from the surrounding area.

“Nationally, restaurants have noticed a surge in demand for high quality dessert choices that match the care and consideration of their main courses, and with consumers becoming increasingly conscious about the provenance of their food, the local dessert menu can now extend to Shropshire made ice cream and sorbets! We also love working with imaginative chefs in our development kitchen where we create interesting flavours for their customers.”

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