The Arts Society Shrewsbury has won a national Arts Society award for the outstanding contribution of its committee to the Arts in Shropshire and their impact on the local community. The Society’s Marsh Award 2019 for the best committee recognises the hard work and talent of Shrewsbury’s committee members.

Their achievements include sourcing sponsorship to fund two £2000 bursaries for talented 18-25 year olds with a Shropshire connection; finding sponsorship for prizes and organising the Shewsbury Bookfest’s Art competition; sponsoring materials for costumes and scenery for Shropshire Youth Theatre’s productions; and sponsoring a production of Shropshire’s Kaleidoscope Theatre Group for young people with Down’s syndrome.

Committee members lead volunteers in the production of Church Records – this has included a record of the Unitarian Church in the High Street in Shrewsbury; they have created children’s trails in Shrewsbury’s Roman Catholic Cathedral and St Chad’s Church; and the Society’s Heritage Volunteer representative has coordinated volunteers’ work in the Ironbridge Tile Museum and the Shropshire Archives.

Committee members also organise monthly lectures for the 260 members at the Lord Hill Hotel, Shrewsbury. In addition, they offer a varied programme of visits to galleries, museums and historic buildings within a day’s travelling of Shrewsbury, three-night tours and overseas trips.

Society Chairman, Yvonne Bridgeland, said: “The Arts Society Shrewsbury is honoured and delighted to receive the Marsh Award 2019 for the best Arts Society committee and thank the panel of judges for their recognition of the hard work, inspiration and dedication of the whole committee – all of which is on a voluntary basis and with friendship, fun and laughter.”

The Award will be presented at the national AGM in London on 15th May.

Yvonne explained: “We are a very friendly committee and we welcome new members from all over Shropshire. We aim to offer an opportunity to enrich members’ knowledge and interest in all aspects of the arts and to meet people of like minds in a relaxed and sociable atmosphere. We encourage people to take part in the preservation of our cultural heritage and have a wonderful team of volunteers who support our committee in so many ways. We are very grateful to them all.”

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