A report published on January 24th 2022 by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists has shown that physiotherapy leaver rates from the NHS increased throughout 2021, and now surpasses both the average leaver rates for all allied health professions, and for nursing and midwifery staff.

Following today’s CSP report, Steve Briggs, owner of Shifnal based SB Sports Injury and Physiotherapy Clinic, said: “Despite physiotherapy being added to the Shortage Occupation List 2021 on 6th April last year, frustration levels among NHS physiotherapists that I speak to are currently at unprecedented levels and the shortage of qualified physios in the NHS is likely to get even worse.

“My own workload has increased massively over the past twelve months due to cancellations and delays in the NHS system, with the result that I am now having to recruit for new clinicians. Whilst the NHS fall-out from which I am hoping to recruit is good news for patients at my clinic, it is however a sad fact of the times for the profession.

“Face-to-face appointments in the NHS are still regularly being delayed or cancelled due to protocol and/or positive covid tests, waiting lists are getting longer, and clinicians who have been trained to work hands-on are instead having to rely on exercise sheets and zoom appointments to help their patients to recovery. You can see why there is so much frustration.

“Years ago, the NHS provided an excellent career for physiotherapists, not least because of the pensions and assured hours, but times have changed, and private clinics are now able to offer excellent packages. Working in the private sector can also provide good prospects for career advancement.

“Physiotherapy is a great profession to be in and one that is hugely rewarding as it plays a key role in enabling people to improve their quality of life, health and general wellbeing. It is also massively interesting and challenging, as every case, every patient and every solution, on any one day, can be different.

Pictured: Steve Briggs MCSP SRP, SB Sports Injury & Physiotherapy Clinic.