With summer officially here, ensuring we’re fully hydrated needs to be a top priority, yet 72% of Brits are still consuming less than the recommended daily amount of two litres of water. Instead, often turning to sugar and additive laden shop bought drinks, for adults and children.

Healthy hydration doesn’t have to be boring, and SodaStream have been been working with an influential healthier eating expert, blogger Lizzie King @lizzieloveshealthy author of ‘Lizzie Loves Healthy Family Food’ to create a range of delicious additive, refined sugar, better for you hydrating cocktails and mocktails, for the whole family this summer. By being sparkling water based, and mixed with fresh fruits, Lizzie’s recipes offer something for everyone, with hydration at the heart.

SodaStream recently polled 2,500 people and found that lemon topped the list of the nation’s favourite fruit to add to water, with a third of the votes (33%), closely followed by strawberry (27%) and lime (26%). It’s time the nation got a little more creative!



Watermelon Mint Muddle

Serves 2

¼ watermelon

4 fresh mint leaves

100 ml sparkling water

Blend the watermelon with 2 mint leaves and an ice cube. Serve over ice with a top up of fizzy water.

World Peace

Serves 2

30 ml Lillet Rose

30 ml vodka (best you can, grey goose etc)

1 lemon juiced

200 ml sparkling water

1 tsp maple syrup

Over ice, with a peel of lemon zest.

Aperol Twist

Aperol 2 parts

Sparkling Water 1 part

Orange juice plus zest 1 part

Prosecco 2 parts

Serve over ice with a slice of orange

Pink Gin Fizz

Serves 2

10 ml cassis

30 ml gin

30 ml rose wine

200 ml sparkling water

Serve over ice with a strawberry slice on the martini glass

Baby Bellini

Serves 2

2 peaches

1 tsp Honey

drop Vanilla

Sparkling water


Whizz up 2 fresh peaches in a blender, shake with honey and vanilla, serve over ice with sparkling water to finish.