Local charity, Climbing Out, is looking for people who would benefit from attending their monthly walk and talk days, which aim to help people rebuild their motivation following a physical or mental trauma.

The charity has found the pandemic has increased the need for their work. In 2021 alone they helped over 100 individuals with their mix of outdoor activities, mental resilience coaching, teamwork, camaraderie, fresh air, fun and one-to-one support.

During tougher Covid restrictions, when Climbing Out couldn’t hold their residential programmes, they launched ‘Walk and Talk Days’ to get people active, reduce social isolation and build mental resilience. The days were a success, so they have continued. In 2022 they will hold one a month in Shropshire and are eager to hear from people who might benefit from signing up.

Charity founder, Kelda Wood, leads a small group on a 4-hour walk, at a pace to keep things achievable for everyone. The walks are open to anyone aged 18 years and over, who has been through a mental or physical trauma.

Kelda Wood said, “We’ve found that combining fresh air, exercise and the conversation of people with relatable experiences, is a really good starting place to build the confidence to move forward with more purpose and direction.

“It’s a simple concept that has already had a big effect on our attendees. After our walk we usually finish at a café for a brew, some cake and a chat. The social side reminds us how important it is to connect with other people.

“Next year the Walk and Talks will be based in Shropshire, and we’ll be running

at least one a month throughout the year. The days out are fully funded, you just need to provide your own transport to the meeting point, food for lunch and come wearing suitable gear for walking.”

The dates that have been released so far are Thursday 13th January, Saturday 26th February, Thursday 31st March, Saturday 30th April, and Thursday 26th May. More dates will be announced in the spring.

A previous attendee of a walk and talk day, Emma, said, “I left the day feeling energised and realising there is so much that I can do if I just push myself.” Sam adds, “I started the day nervous, scared, head racing about everything that might go wrong and finished the day feeling fantastic, proud and smiling, determined that I can achieve things that I never thought I could.”

Kelda adds, “2021 has been an exciting, busy, and amazing year! Despite all the challenges everyone has faced, we’ve still been able to support people to find a new sense of purpose, motivation and direction, to move forward beyond their trauma with hope and a sense of control. As well as our walk and talk days, we have eight 5-day programmes lined up throughout 2022, and we’d love to hear from anyone who needs help post mental or physical trauma.”

If you are interested in attending one of the Walk and Talk days, contact Jo on admin@climbingout.org.uk or complete a referral form found on the ‘Walk and Talk Days’ page on the website at climbingout.org.uk.