“I love it here, why would I ever consider moving?” That’s the simple message from a tenant who moved into a Shropshire housing association’s very first property 40 years ago – and has lived there happily ever since.

Shropshire Rural Housing Association is marking its 40th anniversary this year, with a variety of initiatives to celebrate its history and tenants.

The association built its first properties in Hadnall for retired farmworkers in 1982, under its original guise as the National Agricultural Committee Housing Association.

Chief executive, John Green, said it was delightful to share the story of Vera, who was among the original tenants in the Hadnall development.

He added: “Those 10 homes have grown to more than 300 over the past 40 years – and we are excited to be building more, with our latest properties in Nesscliffe welcoming their first tenants just last month.

“Vera and her parents were the association’s first-ever tenants, and it was wonderful to hear how happy she has been living in the same comfortable bungalow for so long.”

Vera said there had always been a very strong sense of community among her fellow tenants, even as they changed over the years.

“I have never once thought of moving,” she said. “I love my garden, the bungalow is so warm and cosy, and the neighbours have always been lovely.

“I have seen plenty of people come and go, but I can remember more or less everyone who has lived in these bungalows – it’s always been a nice community.”

She said there had been changes to the bungalow itself too as the association regularly upgraded the property to modern standards.

“I’ve had new windows, double-glazing, a new kitchen, and of course I remember well when we had central heating installed, that was probably the biggest change really,” she added.

“I remember we had a coal fire originally, which was very nice, but I certainly don’t miss the hassle. Dad always used to put the ash on the garden, and it was very good for the flowers, but did used to make a mess.

“We also had new front doors, because originally we had passageways down the side which ran straight through to the garden. I remember on the day we moved in, it was snowing and the wind was whistling down the passageway – it was freezing!

“Even in the winter now, my bungalow is always lovely and warm – I love it here.”

For more information about Shropshire Rural Housing Association and to find out what other events are coming up to commemorate its 40th anniversary, visit www.shropshirerural.co.uk