With £42million worth of unwanted Christmas presents ending up in landfill each year, and 108 million roles of wrapping paper ending up in the bin, Shropshire Festivals believe that this Christmas we should focus on giving the gift of experience.

The local events company have put tickets on sale for all of their 2020 events to allow people to buy tickets to their festivals for Christmas presents. They have reported seeing an increase in demand in sales leading up to Christmas, and attribute that to a trend in consumers wanting to give ethical, plastic-free presents.

Beth Heath, Director of Fun at Shropshire Festivals, comments on their push for ethical gift giving. “It’s estimated that approximately 100 million black bags full of packaging from toys and gifts are discarded each year, which is staggering. There is a new appetite for the giving and receiving of ethical gifts – whether that’s giving experiences or memberships, buying second hand or making your own gifts.

“We’ve set our tickets live to allow people to give a gift that won’t end up in landfill or increase plastic waste. Instead replace plastic toys and boring socks with the gift of experience, with tickets to one of our brilliant events!

“In 2020 we will be making memories with the Shrewsbury Food Festival, Shropshire Oktoberfest and Kids Festivals in both Shrewsbury and Telford. There is something for everyone! And the good news is if you order tickets in advance, you save money.”

Visit shropshirefestivals.co.uk/tickets to purchase tickets to their events.