It has been announced this morning that on the much-anticipated Shrewsbury monopoly game, two Shropshire Festivals’ events will feature on the new board. The events company, whose brand colour is pink, will take up two of the pink spaces with the Shrewsbury Food Festival and Shropshire Kids Festival.

Shropshire Festivals Director of Fun, Beth Heath, said, “We are so thrilled that two of our events have been recognised in this way, and that just a little bit more fun will be spread from team pink! This is a great concept for the town, and I hope everyone enjoys trying to buy our squares!”

The Shrewsbury monopoly board launched this morning at a high profile ceremony, which was attended by The Mayor and Town Crier, as well as Mr Monopoly himself, at Shrewsbury Prison.

In this new unique version of Monopoly the rules and money denomination remain in keeping with the original, but all of the spaces become exclusively about Shrewsbury. Many leading landmarks will feature on the game, including Shrewsbury Prison and the Charles Darwin Statue.

Many of the Chance and Community Chest cards have been customised for the town as well. One of which fines players for accidentally dropping their phone in the River Severn!

Winning Moves UK are the makers of this version under official license from Monopoly owners, Hasbro. The game went on sale from 10am today at book and toy stores, including Waterstones, WH Smith and The Works, and will also be available online, including on Amazon.