A new recruitment business has launched in Shrewsbury. Opus Vitae, Latin for ‘Life’s Work’, will be recruiting skilled professionals in to white-collar job roles across Shropshire, Powys and the West Midlands. The company is being launched by Stuart Danks, who is director of DM Recruitment. He believes he has found a gap in the region’s recruitment needs for skilled workers in the commercial, industrial, and FMCG sectors.

Despite Brexit uncertainty, Mr Danks’ DM Recruitment business has enjoyed a record turnover in the last year, and with the UK’s jobless rate still at its lowest since the 1970s, at 3.8%, it seems job opportunities are still being generated.

Mr Danks comments, “I want Opus Vitae to tap in to the region’s highly skilled workforce and connect them to the vast number of successful businesses here. By securing employees into permanent positions they will benefit from job security, which leads to improved morale and a better work life balance.

“The team at Opus Vitae have years of experience in the recruitment industry and through our comprehensive understanding of business needs, we can source the right candidates for our clients. Finding the right employees will lower staff turnover and reduce hire costs by increasing staff retention. We want employers to build long-lasting relationships with new employees, which will allow their business to grow.”

The British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) released the Quarterly Recruitment Outlook in May which cited some interesting figures in the recruitment sector. 53% of UK businesses attempted to recruit new hires in the first quarter of the year but 73% struggled to find the right staff, which could be prosperous news for recruiters like Opus Vitae.

The report showed the construction sector had a strong appetite for labour growth, with 65% of employers attempting to recruit but four-fifths of those struggling to find the right people.

Mr Danks continues, “Brexit has far from slowed a thirst for labour growth in the region. The BCC report showed that firms in the Midlands and the North of England are more likely to have attempted to recruit and expect their workforce to expand, than firms in the South of England.

“We are looking forward to helping more companies flourish with the right people for their teams. We are confident in our abilities and pledge to fill vacancies within 30 days.”

For more information on Opus Vitae visit their website at www.opus-vitae.co.uk

Pictured: From left to right, Founder Stuart Danks with Sam Jacobs and Jamie Dockerty from the Opus Vitae team