A new hair care product has been launched in Telford which aims to revolutionise the way hair is treated.

Monat, a vegan and naturally based hair range, started in North America and Canada but only launched in the UK in May.

The name derives from Modern Nature and products combine the best of nature with cutting edge science to provide effective solutions to all hair concerns.It has been introduced in Telford by Megan Boardman, of Donnington, who is originally from Nebraska in America and heard about the products while back home visiting family last year.

She said: “The success seen in the states and Canada is a testimony to the outstanding and revolutionary products. “In the last year the company has seen a 700% growth, Monat has created a healthy hair movement that has not only helped people have beautiful hair but also given them a stable, sustainable business.“I couldn’t wait to get involved once I’d heard about it and used the products myself – that is always when people realise it’s true impact.

“I have always struggled with my hair – needing more of it and needing to tame it, as well as struggling to find time to maintain it with a very active toddler in tow – so I was very excited as soon as I started using it and couldn’t wait to bring it back to the UK.

“Monat’s products are anti-ageing, Vegan, and cruelty free. They are free from harsh chemicals, sulfates and parabens.

“The Scientific Advisory board created the products by hand selecting natural oils and ingredients and combining them with cutting edge technology to help every hair type achieve optimum results.”

Megan, who moved to Telford with her husband who is based at RAF Cosford, previously worked as a hairdresser in America. She launched the product range along with Jodi Bowring, of Apley.

Products for both men and women include hydration shampoo, replenish masque, restore leave-in conditioner, revive shampoo, reshape root lifter, repair shampoo and conditioner, blow out cream and many more.

The key ingredients are Rejuveniqe oil, Capixyl, a red clover extract, Procataline, a pea extract and Crodasorb, a UV absorber.

Customers have a consultation with Megan or Jodi to discuss what they currently like about their hair and what they would want to improve, before the market partners specifically chose products to suit the customer needs and target the areas to improve.

“It has been great to do research pre-launch and see the difference in not only their hair, but people themselves,” Megan added.

“Monat is creating a healthy hair revolution and we all know having great and healthy hair makes you feel much better about yourselves.

“I have seen very skeptical people transform their hair after one wash and those with very specific issues which they’ve been searching for a cure for a long time finally feel comfortable and happy with their do.

“Sometimes the before and after pictures even shock me still. Seeing – and experiencing – really is believing so I look forward to hearing from anyone who wants to see what this is all about.”

For more information about the product or to contact Megan visit meganboardman.mymonat.com, email megmboardman@gmail.com or call 07481 146 710.

To contact Jodi visit jodibowring.mymonat.com, email Bowring.jodi@yahoo.com or call 07414 502 154

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