A new career support initiative has been launched in Shropshire to inspire pupils to consider careers across the spectrum whilst being supported by county employers.

Career Cards has been launched by Andy Goff, who boasts decades of worldwide experience in teaching, technology in education and media training in schools.

Andy, based in Shrewsbury, has already won the support of many leading businesses across the county which have signed up as sponsors for Career Cards and are included on the cards.

The Career Cards’ stations have 12 individual cards which each feature an industry, role, photo and background of the person, with a scannable QR code to take the pupil to a video on the Career Cards’ website, recorded by that person, to find out more.

A range of videos are available to watch, informing more about what that person does, what they like about their job and the different pathways to it, including university, apprenticeships and other avenues.

Andy, who is already working with a number of schools in the region, said: “The Career Cards project is all about connecting businesses with the exceptional young talent we are fortunate enough to have here in Shropshire.

“We have phenomenal businesses in the county which are not exempt from the national recruitment crisis.

“Skills and recruitment is a massive nationwide problem across many industries so together we aim to discover and engage the future talent out there and ensure they know the vast opportunity presented by Shropshire employers.

“We want to keep the talent here in Shropshire and we will only achieve that by ensuring students understand those opportunities right here on their doorstep in the very early stages of their future career planning.

“I have been overwhelmed by the support of Shropshire businesses so far and it has been wonderful to see the students’ reactions – picking up Career Cards and taking them home to discuss with their parents.

“We so often hear of young people leaving education still totally clueless of what they want to do – that isn’t their fault – they just haven’t been exposed to the opportunity early enough.

“Careers Cards is a nationwide project which was born here in Shropshire – every card station will be individual to the particular region it is placed in.

“The project will expand month on month and I am so excited to see the network of businesses already throwing their support behind the project.”

Career Cards’ stations have already been sponsored by Furrows, Start Tech and J&PR, which is also the media partner for the project.

The Career Cards project will be officially launched on Friday September 15th at a venue to be confirmed.

If you would like to connect and promote your business with the younger generations in schools and their families visit https://www.career.cards/ or email Andy Goff on andrew.goff@io.uk.com to find out more.

Pictured: Andy Goff with the Career Cards stations.