An experienced childcare practitioner is celebrating promotion at a Telford nursery after scooping a managerial role for the childcare group.

Lucy Shaw, who started working as a nursery nurse 17 years ago, has been given the role of area manager at ABC Day Nursery.

The outstanding Telford nursery chain has branches in Hollinswood, Hoo at Preston upon the Weald Moors, Hadley and Lightmoor, and employs more than 60 people.

Lucy’s role includes a focus on staff development to ensure the existing high standards are maintained, and to share her passion for children and early years education with her colleagues.

She has also co-ordinated the introduction of The Curiosity Approach which the nursery chain became the first nursery in Shropshire to achieve national accreditation for last month.

Lucy is now rolling out The Curiosity Approach staff training as it is expanded across the remaining settings of the business starting with Hollinswood and Hoo.

The position has been made in response to industry changes and new regulations. Changes to the way Ofsted monitors nursery settings are also under consultation, and if implemented will see a greater focus on children’s abilities and their capacity to interact with peers and the world around them.

Lucy, who started her working life at ABC Day Nursery when she was 18, said she was delighted with the new role as it would enable her to work with colleagues to ensure everyone at ABC Day Nursery operates at the highest possible levels.

“Childcare is a passion, it’s not just a job. You really have to live it, it’s an around the clock career. To really succeed you have to take it home with you, there’s always fresh ideas to gather, materials to source, and you really have to move with the times, things are always changing,” said Lucy.

“Childcare has been seen as an easy option before but it’s not now. People need qualifications and there’s a lot more to it. To be able to progress people need to be self-motivated and have drive. They need to deliver on a daily basis and have consistently high standards.

“I will be working across the four sites to focus on staff training and performance. It’s vital that we maintain our existing high standards.

“I have loved facilitating the introduction of The Curiosity Approach and the staff have embraced the training with so much fun and enthusiasm,” she added.

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Pictured: Four year old Reuben Hale and two year old Josie Shaw with Lucy Shaw at ABC Day Nursery in Telford