Set in 100 acres of rural countryside, Moreton Hall is bringing a piece of Shropshire’s farming life into the classroom following the development of a small farm holding.

Cornflower Farm at Moreton Hall has been established to further develop the enrichment opportunities pupils will enjoy as part of their learning. The farming enterprise encourages pupils to acquire skills through outdoor experiences and practical hands-on work, complimenting their classroom lessons.

Moreton’s young farmers can undertake a number of different tasks as part of running a live farm: from feeding, grooming and preparing the animal beds to sourcing food supplies, fundraising and promoting.

The working farm is initially home to pygmy goats, welsh black sheep, hens and guinea pigs, Salt and Pepper.

Lorna Campbell, Moreton Hall’s Development Director, who is passionate about the benefits outdoor learning brings said: “Some pupils have spent three months learning in front of a computer screen. If there is a time more than any other, it is now that they need to re-engage with their learning through new, practical and positive experiences. Spending time with animals and looking after them develops a real sense of responsibility and empathy as well as the fantastic benefits to well being and mental health.”

Hannah Peel, Head of Biology and Ecology added: “The Farm is a fantastic chance for pupils to learn how Biology is applied in agriculture. I am looking forward to a wide range of opportunities where they can really engage with the Science of Farming as well as developing a wider understanding of ecosystems, both natural and man made.”

Principal George Budd commented: ”Lorna and Hannah made such a compelling case for establishing Cornflower Farm which both reflects the rural setting of Moreton Hall and provides a wealth of opportunities for pupils of all ages to learn outdoors in a hands-on fashion.  We are all excited to see it develop further over time.”

Cornflower Farm will see lots of developments with lambing, hatching chicks and farmers markets over the coming months.