Blue skies and the stunning colours of Autumn provided the perfect backdrop to Moreton Hall’s latest Open Day.

Set amidst the stunning countryside of rural Shropshire, Moreton Hall welcomed prospective students from Shropshire, Cheshire, Denbighshire, Flintshire, Wrexham, Manchester and as far afield as Jersey all seeking to find out what makes the school, one of Britain’s top Independent schools.

With the £1.45 million new Holroyd Community Arts Theatre near completion and tours taking place within the state-of-the-art Centenary Science Centre serving aspiring medics, as well as regular Saturday school activities underway there were plenty of opportunities for visitors to experience the Moreton magic. Lacrosse matches on the impressive sports fields reminded visitors that for the 21st century student, school is about both work and play.

In his welcome address Principal George Budd talked about the school’s values and ethos: “From the moment you enter the school grounds, you can embrace the ‘Moreton Magic’ and discover the infectious positivity and energy which is threaded through the classrooms, across the sports pitches and onto the stage.

“Moreton is not a cookie-cutter sort of school; there is no typical Moretonian, everyone finds their own place here – what binds is a strong set of shared values.”

Moreton Hall is a forward-looking school attracting students from all over the world, with its strong reputation for sporting excellence and academic success. The exceptional pastoral care, detailed knowledge of individual students and unlimited extra support and help are some of the key factors in explaining the school’s remarkable success in public examinations across GCSEs and A Level.

At Moreton Hall every day is an ‘Open Day’ and we will be holding dedicated ‘Moreton Mornings’ inviting prospective families to observe a typical school day. To register please visit,