Moreton Hall is launching its new sports performance hub, ‘ACE’. The hub will focus on Lacrosse, Hockey, Tennis and Golf, with its first Lacrosse Camp of the season taking place during Easter on the 12th and 13th April.

Inspirational England Lacrosse Coach and Lacrosse Coach at Moreton Hall, Carina Walsh will host the first in a series of ACE Lacrosse camps for all skill levels from aspiring elite players to developing athletes looking to hone and develop their skills and practise in advance of the sporting season, to complete novices looking to engage in a new sport.

Players are invited to participate over the two days with expert coaches covering all aspects of the game including the new season’s rules, competitions and matches – in line with Covid government guidelines.

The performance hub for Lacrosse, ACE, has been developed to provide carefully monitored programmes for elite athletes, with first-rate coaching, athlete support and sports facilities for leading sportspeople, offering a world-class experience across a range of sporting programmes.

Alison McDonald, Director of Sport at Moreton Hall said, “This is an exciting opportunity for anyone to get involved in Lacrosse and see how great the game is and with excellent coaching and facilities here at Moreton you are bound to love the experience.”

Interested players are able to register to attend the event at www./