An award-winning Shropshire digital services agency has launched a drive-through studio offering the flexibility to create amazing new videos limited only by the imagination of customers.

The drive-through studio at Hortonwood in Telford is the brainchild of Stephen Rademan and his team at Life Group and means people can drive up, stop-off for an hour’s filming and get the finished professional product within 24 hours – they can even drive in if they need a vehicle in the video too!

Life Group is helping businesses by providing a range of innovative digital services including web design, video and voiceover, photography, SEO, marketing and design through its highly experienced consultants, designers, developers and media professionals – a successful business which has grown significantly over the last year.

Adam Threlfall, Life Group’s Creative Director, said: “The drive-through studio is an extension of our business and provides an amazing opportunity for people to reap the benefits from the massive space we can offer in producing the video they are looking for.

“People come up with an idea – or we create the ideas together – and then let us do what we do best and that’s produce the perfect video to fill their requirements.

“Most of our work is centred on businesses but we also do educational videos, family shoots with children in character costume and promotional videos for pretty much anything you can think of. The drive-through studio means we can set up any kind of shoot – which can also include cars and other types of vehicle due to the size of the studio and the entrance – literally drive in!

“People simply drive to or into our studio, stop off for an hour, get the video done and then get the edited product the next day – so it’s a really quick turnaround.

“The biggest thing we are known for is business videos and promos for social media, because video is the number one vehicle for capturing people’s attention. Video really helps businesses engage with their customers and we are all about helping firms grow through video.”

Company founder Mr Rademan said business had boomed through the pandemic as people valued the importance of digital services more than ever.

The Life Group team created websites and apps for businesses which had not needed them before the pandemic or had failed to update them for several years.

“Business growth is happening and continuing to happen across all industries which is extremely exciting. Our new offering was created due to demand – a large drive-through studio which is so accessible to all both with regards to location and affordability,” said Mr Rademan.

“It makes us very flexible in what we can do, providing exactly what the customer wants to the highest professional standards that we are known for throughout our industry and beyond. The studio will be fun, warm and friendly which gets the best results every time.”

For more information, call 0333 3355636 or visit


Pictured: Emily McTigue, Mark Smith, Adam Threlfall, Shammah Dube and Malwina Ruta from Life Group in Telford.