When Alura Bather joined Moreton Hall in Oswestry for her A Level programme, she was in no doubt that her dream job would see her end up in court – for the right reasons!

Inspired, at least in part by Elle Woods, the heroine of her favourite film, ‘Legally Blonde’, Alura’s dream was to become a Barrister and this week, the Oswestry student’s years of hard-work and focus were rewarded with the news that she has been awarded a pupillage and is indeed going to be a Barrister.

The journey to become a Barrister is a notoriously challenging one and Alura has impressed everyone who knows her with a drive and determination. After A Levels in English, History and Chemistry, an unconditional offer to study LLB Law at the University of Birmingham followed. Having graduated in July 2021, Alura was able to continue her journey with the award of one of the Middle Temple’s major scholarships, The Queen Mother’s Award. This hugely competitive scholarship is awarded to the most talented students and with it came news that she also had a place at Bar school, the year of study she has just completed.

The next rung on the ladder for an aspiring Barrister is applying for a hugely competitive pupillage. This week Alura heard that she had been awarded a pupillage in Birmingham’s Citadel Chambers where she will specialise in Criminal Law.

Sarah Pritchard, a successful Barrister of 20 years who now leads Moreton Hall’s Life Skills and Wellbeing programme commented: “This is an outstanding achievement. The process of obtaining pupillage is extraordinarily competitive and Alura’s success is a testament to her hard work, dedication and skill”.

Caroline Lang, Senior Tutor Moreton Sixth added: “it is so wonderful to see this talented and determined young woman achieving her goal. Alura has all of the attributes to make a fabulous barrister and her academic rigour, drive and compassion will ensure she is a success. We will be following her career with great interest”.

Reflecting on her success, Alura said.”It feels surreal to have my dream come true and  I don’t think it’s really sunk in yet. I feel unbelievably lucky, it’s an incredibly rigorous application process and I am extremely fortunate that I have had so many people who have helped me succeed. I have no doubt that my time at Moreton shaped me into a better candidate. I would like to thank Caroline Lang and Sarah Pritchard in particular, for continuing to support and mentor me even after I left school. So much of my success can be attributed to their kindness.”

Pictured: Alura Bather.