When people discover that they or their partner has Alzheimer’s they are often lost as to what to do next. How to cope. Many people have discovered that the support of others in a similar situation, and the opportunity to socialise at the PALZ UK bi-monthly meetings to have been most beneficial. Liz Holdsworth, Chair of PALZ UK is keen to ‘spread the word’ about the Shropshire-based charity which aims to help people who have held challenging and demanding jobs, and are now living with Alzheimer’s (or dementia from other causes).

Liz Holdsworth said: “PALZ UK meetings take place every two months, at the Conference Centre at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. During the pandemic we had monthly Zooms meetings. People can enjoy a range of interesting Guest Speakers providing intellectual stimulation to those who just happen to have Alzheimer’s or any other cause of dementia.  Supportive friends and family very welcome and attendees tell me that they find the meetings a rewarding and enjoyable experience. It is free to attend, and there is fee parking with coffee & light refreshments.  We have had a variety of interesting speakers and the meetings increase self-respect, confidence and mental stimulation in a friendly atmosphere. When time allows please visit the PALZ UK website where you be able to see how we started and what our ambitions are in the UK- namely to establish additional groups in different towns and cities. We would really appreciate the chance to publicise PALZ UK so that others can receive the help they deserve”.

Liz continued: “After establishing a successful local Shropshire Group the next step is to create other groups across the UK.  To enable that ambition we have created a Starter Pack which is available online on the website www.palz.org.uk  The PALZ UK Starter Pack contains for example, an illustration of typical potential contacts; the PALZ UK Model, an Action List and an indication of the support that will be provided to set up a group.  So please tell others of our plans. Thank you”.

To find out more email info@palzglobal.org.uk or please visit the website www.palzuk.org.uk

Registered Charity No. 1190292