A new initiative encouraging people to have a better relationship with technology is bringing in future generations to help with the research and rolling out of the scheme through a Government-led traineeship programme.

techtimeout, based in Shrewsbury but covering the whole country, was launched last year to raise awareness of the importance of taking time out from technology and provide support to people needing to find a better work-life balance.

The firm has now signed up to the Government’s £111m scheme to triple the number of traineeships available across the country, providing thousands of new training opportunities to get young people into work.

techtimeout is taking on three trainees as part of the skills development programme which includes a placement in a working environment which can last anything from six weeks to a year – the average time is expected to be six months.

Sarah Belcher, of techtimeout, said: “The scheme was launched by the Government as a pathway for young people into work at a time when opportunities were, and still are, severely curtailed because of the pandemic.

“We are delighted to take part in the programme and have three posts available. Each successful applicant will receive training and work a minimum of 70 hours with techtimeout with all three placements related to marketing and research.

“The Government-led programme is a great opportunity for young people to get the experience of training in a real working environment – a great grounding towards an apprenticeship or job, helping to provide appropriate skills and experience.

“It’s important during these extremely difficult times that we all do everything we can to give young people hope of employment to focus on for their future. This traineeship programme helps to do that and techtimeout is proud to be part of it – we are, after all, talking about our workforce of the future.”

techtimeout has a team of healthcare professionals and ambassadors all committed to raising awareness of the dangers of too much technology in people’s lives and helping deal with the problems by offering positive solutions.

The company was launched amid the growing dependency and time spent on social media, the internet, Smartphones, iPads, laptops, tablets, texts and emails – raising concerns about health and wellbeing.

For more information about the Government traineeship scheme and how to apply, visit https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/traineeships–2 and for more about techtimeout, visit https://www.techtimeout.co.uk/ or call 01743 627007.