Crane Quality Counselling, based in the Roy Fletcher Centre in Cross Hill, Shrewsbury are offering urgent appointments to help people who would benefit from a personal chat, in private with a trained counsellor.

Lin Foley, Chief Executive of Crane Quality Counselling has over thirty years’ experience and after hearing of the recent celebrity tragedy that has received much media attention events in the media, fully realises the need for help to individual’s with their mental health.

The risks associated with mental health cannot be understated but unfortunately, all too often, the signs go unnoticed or untreated even by those closest to us, whether at home or at work.  Someone might be feeling stressed, depressed, overwhelmed, facing a bereavement or any of a number of challenges that may be affecting their life. It can be tempting to try to carry on alone but without access to the proper support things can deteriorate rapidly. As fantastic as our National Health Service is, it can be overburdened and long waiting lists for referral to a counsellor can leave people feeling demoralised. We are here to help ease that process by giving fast, easy access to professionally trained counsellors and provide a safe and judgement free environment in which a client can speak with confidence and get the support they need. Our staff can offer daytime and evening appointments that work with the lifestyle of the individual as well as support over the phone for anyone in need of counselling or looking for information and resources in support of someone else they may be concerned for the welfare of.

Lin Foley, Darren Johnson, Chairman, Tony Crane, Patron and a team of volunteers have been busy ensuring the work of the charity continues, to provide relationship counselling to families across Shropshire. The charity offers weekly counselling appointments following an initial assessment consultation.

Crane Quality Counselling offers its impartial services to individuals, couples, families, parents, siblings, blended families, extended families, force veterans, prisoners and the homeless as well as same-sex couples, and they also provide counselling on bereavement issues, and sexual issues.  The fully-qualified, trained and experienced counsellors gently explore people’s concerns and work with them to resolve problems.  They will explore your concerns with you and work with you to resolve problems.

For more information contact: Crane Quality Counselling are based at Suite B The Roy Fletcher Centre, 12-17 Cross Hill, Shrewsbury SY1 1JE and can be contacted on 01743 240546 or please email