Brain Tumour Support, a charity that runs a monthly Support Group in Shrewsbury, is asking for donations to help it continue to provide its services to brain tumour patients, their friends, family and carers.

There are currently more than 100,000 people in the UK living with a brain tumour. The effects of a brain tumour diagnosis can be devastating to the patients and everyone around them. Patients often lose their job, their driving licence and their independence. A brain tumour can also affect a patient’s personality and can cause depression and anxiety. While friends and family will do their best to help, many patients rely on help such as the support groups, counselling and on-line and telephone support offered by the charity Brain Tumour Support.

The charity has launched its Stars for Support appeal to help it raise funds to continue providing its vital services. Volunteers have knitted beautiful sparkly Christmas tree decorations in the form of stars. Every time a donation for a star is received, Brain Tumour Support will hang a Star for Support on a tree in the charity’s office. The Star for Support can be dedicated in the name of someone affected by a brain tumour diagnosis.

“Whether in support or celebration, in memory or in tribute, it is a simple and personal gesture which will also help us to help others,” said Tina Mitchell Skinner, founder and CEO of Brain Tumour Support. “Demand for our services is constantly growing and we urgently need to help more brain tumour patients and their families. Our charity relies entirely on donations and we hope that the people of Shrewsbury will get behind our campaign and help us achieve our vision that no-one should feel alone when facing a brain tumour diagnosis.”

Please visit to find out more and order your Stars for Support. The charity is also selling Christmas cards and other gifts on its website