Newport Cycling Club is gearing up for a busy summer with the help of a new three-year sponsorship deal – thanks to a Shropshire based Apple Mac leasing company.

Lease Loop, based in Hadley, Telford, announced its backing after family members experienced the benefits of the club first-hand, with cycling becoming pivotal as an escape from three lockdowns!

The news comes as cycling enjoys a boom with more and more people getting on their bike during the last year. The rise in interest has led to many suppliers across the country being sold-out for months as families took to cycling for their lockdown activity.

Specialist Apple Mac leasing firm Lease Loop was launched six years ago and is run by husband and wife team James and Danni Godfrey. The firm is playing a leading role in leasing Apple Mac computers to businesses all over the country – helping many sole traders and expanding companies remain operational and successful by providing essential equipment.

Mr Godfrey, of Lease Loop, said: “We are thrilled to be backing Newport Cycling Club with sponsorship for the next three years. The club has an extremely important place in the local community and we are proud to be part of it!

“Our involvement has very much been driven by the enjoyment, community, health and skill benefits that our kids and us have enjoyed by being members. We didn’t have the time to become instructors but sponsorship provided us with a way of giving something back.

“Cycling has become an important part of our family life and is something the whole family can enjoy together – it’s also provided the ideal escape from lockdowns, helped by the wonderful wide open scenic spaces we are so lucky to have in Shropshire.

“We love seeing inspiring individuals and businesses achieving their goals and we really wanted our involvement to help spread the word of the amazing work that Nick Jeggo, chairman of Newport Cycling Club, and his team are doing.

“We have benefited so much from the wonderful community they have built up and are keen for more local children to learn about the benefits of Bike Club.

“The club caters for all levels and there are racing options available to pursue if people want them. Essentially, the club is all about teaching kids how to enjoy cycling safely.”

Nick Jeggo, Chairman of Newport Cycling Club said: “We know James, Danni and the family very well and are delighted to welcome Lease Loop on board as sponsors for the next three years. It’s a tremendous commitment from them and we are extremely grateful for their backing.

“Newport Cycling Club is committed to our community and offers the full range of cycling opportunities for people of all ages and abilities. It doesn’t matter how good you are, whether you want to cycle competitively, are just looking to get out and about in a bid to stay healthy, mentally and physically, or enjoy the countryside, the club caters for all needs.

“Corporate support is really important for community clubs as they recover from Covid, and we have seen a real boom in the love of cycling over the last year as people realise the benefits and advantages of fresh air and fitness for everyone so now is a great time to get in touch and find out what our club has to offer.

“I must stress though it is great to have sponsors on board but there’s so many ways people can invest and not just in monetary terms. James and Danni are completely invested – they are not only offering their money, they are investing themselves into the club.

“They are full of ideas, they are keen, they help with sessions and they want to get involved in any way they can so anybody who would like to get involved in any way should get in contact with us.”

For more about Lease Loop, email or visit and for more about Newport Cycling Club, visit

Pictured: James and Danni Godfrey join the riders from Newport Cycling Club to launch their new three-year sponsorship deal.