As part of their ongoing support to Willowdene Rehabilitation, Aico have facilitated the redecoration of the reception area of the facility and the production of a corporate brochure.

Through their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme, ‘Aico in the Community’, Aico have supported Willowdene Rehabilitation throughout 2020 as part of ‘Everything Shropshire’, the nominated charity of the year in support of the High Sheriff of Shropshire Dean Harris. The ‘Aico in the Community’ programme provides each Aico colleague with multiple days to participate in CSR activities, with many colleagues choosing to volunteer at Willowdene Rehabilitation.

Willowdene Rehabilitation provides an opportunity for lasting life transformation through a proven approach to rehabilitation, that includes trauma-informed therapy, training, work-experience, and resettlement. At the heart of Willowdene’s mission is a commitment to ensure that students have access to interventions that will enable them to step into the life they were made for.

Aico have recently funded the redecoration of the welcome area of the main building at Willowdene Rehabilitation, this features a timeline of the history of this pioneering facility. Over the course of three days, Aico colleagues volunteered at Willowdene Rehabilitation to paint the area, transforming the space into a light welcoming reception for students upon arrival. Vinyl milestones showcase the heritage of Willowdene Rehabilitation, from their incorporation in 1988 through to their MATRIX accreditation and commencement of the UK’s first, and currently only, residential female alternative to custody.

Additionally, to provide organisations within the Criminal Justice and Rehabilitation sector with a comprehensive overview of all that Willowdene Rehabilitation offers, Aico collaborated with a local design and printing company to produce a corporate brochure. The brochure highlights the range of programmes, interventions and training that Willowdene Rehabilitation offers students and showcases the unparalleled success rates through case studies of past students.

Dr Matt Home, CEO of Willowdene Rehabilitation comments, “The continued support from Aico has enabled Willowdene to provide a much-improved reception and welcome area to students arriving on site. Aico staff are continually enthusiastic and don’t hesitate to get involved in volunteering activities, it is a pleasure to be supported and work alongside them.

The new brochure showcases Willowdene interventions and programmes in a professional design that enables students and commissioners to discover more about the opportunities available.

As an organisation we are extremely grateful for the continued support from Aico who are making a huge difference to some of the most vulnerable individuals in our community.”

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