This year will go down as one of the most successful on record for Shropshire’s largest private hire firm, Go Carz.

The company has continued to expand its operation, develop its highly successful Go Exec service, form new partnerships and remain heavily involved in community projects.

During the course of this year Go Carz has merged with Comet Cars in Shrewsbury and opened a new office in Oswestry, as well as forming partnerships with Absolute Personnel in Telford and Cryozone Health in Shrewsbury.

The firm has also offered up its office near Shrewsbury Railway Station as a rent-free space for a local community project and been instrumental in the regeneration project aimed at reinvigorating Wellington Railway Station.

Most recently the company stepped in to sponsor the newly-formed Baschurch under 8s football team.

Cindy Wilday, Go Carz director, has been a driving force behind the firm’s success and is passionate about the company playing an important role in the community.

“I’ve been with Go Carz for nearly 10 years now, joining my husband who launched the firm with just one taxi more than 20 years ago,” she said.

“It’s been an exciting journey and one that has seen us grow beyond all expectation. Obviously it is vital to safeguard the interests of the company but both Carl and I are passionate about Shropshire and believe in getting involved in community affairs whenever and wherever we can.

“I am also committed to equal opportunities and ensuring jobs are more accessible to women.

“Taxi driving is still a male dominated world but there are more female taxi drivers now than ever before.

“At Go Carz we have men and women who operate out of our call centres and we have a lot of women in management posts.

“Taxi driving is a little different because you have to think about the safety aspect of women drivers operating late at night but I do believe this is an area where we will see an increase.”

Cindy played an integral role in launching the firm’s Go Exec service which identified a need for ferrying people to and from business meetings and the airport in high-end quality vehicles with professional, smart, drivers.

“That really took off, it is a major part of our business now and is something that continues to grow,” she added.

“Another thing we are proud of is the deal we struck with Casino 36 in Wolverhampton where we offered an exclusive service to their customers.

“More recently we formed a similar partnership with Absolute Personnel, a recruitment agency, where we take people to and from their place of work after being offered employment.

“Our link with Cryozone Health is for the wellbeing of our drivers and other staff. The unique treatments offered by cryotherapy are of particular benefit to our drivers who spend hours in the car.

“And earlier in the year we were able to get involved with the renovation at Wellington Station and donated our platform office there as a community hub and the new HQ of The Wrekin News.

“All-in-all I would say this has been our most successful year as a company, I am proud of what we have achieved at Go Carz and I am pleased with the way we are able to keep driving the company forward.”