Shropshire craftswoman Melanie Davies has launched her new calendar for 2022 featuring beautiful and creatively knitted mice to represent nature, the seasons, wildlife and the countryside.

A different mouse is featured for each month, with mice having delightful names such as Miss Snowdrop, Miss Forget-Me-Not, and Miss Daffodil, to Guy Fawkes, Peter Pumpkin, April Fool, and Shroppie Mon – with his own coracle! There are mice with sunflowers, autumn acorns, and Miss Merriment –maypole dancing, plus a special Lottie Rose named after her daughter. There’s even a Douglas mouse pulling a tree on a sledge… yes its Douglas Fir!

Calendars are available priced £7 (£9 to include p&p) from Etsy, or purchase from Shrewsbury Arts & Crafts at Perches House, Windsor Place, Shrewsbury, or via Facebook /Instagram @GiftsbyMotherHen. Knitted mice are also on sale. All products can be purchased or ordered by contacting Melanie by email to

Melanie said: “I like to be creative and I love the enjoyment that people get from my knitted creations. Knitting is a relaxing pastime for me and my imagination runs riot when I start a new project!”

Alongside other crafters and artisans Melanie’s Gifts by Mother Hen gift items are stocked at Shrewsbury Arts & Crafts in Windsor Place, Shrewsbury. They host a range of beautifully handmade gifts knitted mice and also everything from ‘Poodle’ wine bottle covers, vintage knitting and woollen hats to tea cosies, chocolate box covers and Christmas ornaments. She has been knitting all her life after being originally inspired by her grandmother and is highly creative. She is exceptionally skilled at knitting, sewing, embroidery and floristry and appeared on national television with well-known presenter Kirstie Allsopp on the popular Handmade Christmas series in the Christmas Jumper category.