To bring the 2018 Church Stretton Arts Festival to a memorable close on Sunday 12th August at 7:30pm A Complete and Utter History of Jazz will take place at Concord College, and will show the audience how jazz has changed from 1902 to the present day. Basically ‘A hugely entertaining, musically brilliant, fascinating and humorous history of jazz from six multi-instrumental virtuosi!’

The six multi-instrumental virtuosi of The Jazz Repertory Company present a fast paced and hugely entertaining romp through the history of Jazz from its beginnings in New Orleans to its presence today all around the world. It’s jazz to delight the devotee as well as those dipping their toes in its pleasures for the first time.

Alan Stockbridge, Chairman of the Church Stretton Arts Festival said: “The final concert is sure to be hugely entertaining and certainly not to be missed! This multi-instrumentalist sextet swaps instruments around with indecent haste and the band members take it in turns to fill in the short gaps with tittle-tattle about the music and musicians who made Jazz magnificent. The music is performed just as it would have sounded fresh out of the box – the music we have come to love years later would have been thought mad, bad and dangerous to know when it was new and scaring your parents and grandparents. Come along and discover something new or relish re-uniting with some old musical favourite”.

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