An award-winning Shropshire law firm is launching a second season of its legal podcast after reporting more than 2,000 downloads of the successful debut series.

The Legal Lounge by Lanyon Bowdler hit the airwaves for the first time in September, a podcast which discussed a variety of topics including family law issues and delays in the diagnosis of serious health conditions.

The popularity of the Legal Lounge and positive feedback about the series has resulted in a second season, with the first podcast airing on Lanyon Bowdler’s website at or via Apple Podcasts on February 21.

Amanda Jones, Lanyon Bowdler’s marketing director, said: “The podcast has been an important new platform which has allowed us to connect with a wider audience and provide discussion and information relevant to everyone.

“It’s been a great way for our lawyers to share their passion and knowledge and to show the more personable and approachable sides of a law firm – hopefully dispelling some of the perceptions people may have developed about law firms over the years.

“The Legal Lounge has been well received and we are delighted to report more than 2,000 downloads in our first season. It’s proved such a success that we are happy to be bringing it back for a second season.

“There will be a varied programme across the series and some of the items we will be covering include a look at collaborative law, how to apply for work experience at Lanyon Bowdler, what to expect when faced with a divorce and future planning for business owners.

“We will also be stepping away from all things legal in one of the podcasts to focus on Megan Baker House – a charity close to our hearts at Lanyon Bowdler based in Ledbury.

“It’s doing some amazing work in delivering conductive education to children with a wide variety of movement disorders and also supports adults dealing with MS, Parkinson’s and stroke.

“It’s hoped that we will cover as wide a range of topics as possible over the coming series – subjects which will be of keen interest to many people out there.”

Lanyon Bowdler has offices across Shropshire, in Hereford and Bromyard and North Wales. Listen to the podcast at or via Apple Podcasts.

Pictured: Solicitors Beth Heath and Katherine Jones recording one of the podcasts.